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Engineered oak flooring Chelmsford is constructed from multiple wood layers with a hard wood surface, engineered floors are the modern alternative to solid wood. As a result they offer several practical advantages without compromising on the authentic real wood look and feel.

Practical Advantages of Engineered Oak Flooring Chelmsford:

  • Its layered construction is more stable than solid wood and will not be as affected by humidity changes in the environment.
  • This dimensional stability means there is less need to accommodate for seasonal movement when installing, a reduced acclimatisation period and it allows engineered floors to be fitted above underfloor heating.
  • This allows for a floating floor installation, some with a click system, making for a simple installation.

Structure of Engineered Oak Flooring Chelmsford:

Firstly Engineered wood flooring is an attractive and versatile alternative to solid wood flooring.  Furthermore it is composed of multiple layers of timber that are glued together. Overall, the planks are much thinner than solid wood. Therefore they have greater stability due to the layered materials. Generally, this type of flooring is made up of three layers and is often confused with laminate and vinyl floors due to its appearance.

The layers consist of:

Hardwood veneer (lamella) – This is the topmost, visible section of the flooring. It consists of a thin layer of timber (2mm-4mm) which can vary in styles, colour and patterns.

Core board – This is made up of either one or two layers of plywood, or a combination of fibres, which are bonded together under intense pressure to create a dense insulating material. The layers of timber run in different directions. In addition this can reduce the opportunity for buckling and twisting.

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