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Latest StairCase Projects

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Latest Staircase Projects

Our latest Staircase projects from staircase conversions, refurbishment,replacements and renovations of existing or original staircases. At William Beard Flooring we offer new staircases for either new builds or where original staircases require removal or replacement. We also offer steel frames and cantilever staircases with glass balustrade. Any of our hand finishes are available on stairs so we can offer total continuity to the joinery of the project as opposed to the standard Spray lacquer finishes that most joinery companies would offer. With our staircases we offer 10 years guarantee on all work we do on staircases from conversions, renovations and refurbishment. The guarantees covers the manufacture and structural integrity of the staircases, this also covers the installation of the staircase.

We take great care to make sure our installations do not fail. we focus fundamentally on the supply, also craftmanship this is more the angle than trade supply only.We use french polisher bracket depending on what level of renovations was involved but yes we can conduct this kind of work.


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On May 17, 2016
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