Solid Oak Flooring Essex

Solid Oak Flooring Essex

is one of the most popular flooring species on market which solely consist of solid oak all the way through.

Installing solid Oak Flooring Essex is seen as a good investment all round not only should solid oak have a lifespan for over 100 years with the right care and attention, it enhances any potential sales on a property as it gives that immediate wow factor which boats high levels class and beauty.

Solid Oak Flooring Essex

Solid Oak Flooring Essex

Is one of the toughest species of wood flooring species on the market making it extremely durable from any dents and scratches however it is always best to make sure the floor is also finished once laid with a wax, lacquer or oil which makes it easier to maintain and protect from any spillages or scratches.

As solid oak floorboards are one of the most popular flooring species, over the years more and more products have been manufactured giving the end user a much wider variety of flooring in terms of the finish of the plank, the shades available, the width, the thickness, fitting method and many other unique specifications.

Solid Oak Flooring Essex is one of the most popular types of solid wood flooring around.

Each plank is made of 100% Oak timber, either European or American which is why they are often refereed to as real oak flooring.

These are the traditional type of woods you would normally see in older properties.

Fitting solid oak flooring in your property can help add value to the property, reduce allergies as they collect less dust compared to other types of floors and very easy to care for.

We are based in sunny BrentwoodEssex and provide our flooring all over London, the UK and worldwide upon request. For samples and rates, or to organise a free of charge site consultation or showroom viewing (appointment only) please contact us. A member of our team will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have. 

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