What Wooden Floor Finishing lacquer do you use

What Wooden Floor Finishing Lacquer do you use

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What wooden floor finishing lacquer do you use? Well Oak Flooring is one of the toughest species of wood flooring species on the market. Therefore making it extremely durable from any dents and scratches. However it is always best to make sure the floor is also finished once laid with a wax, lacquer or oil. Due to this making it easier to maintain and protect from any spillages or scratches.

what wooden floor finishing lacquer do you use

Additionally as solid Oak Floorboards are one of the most popular flooring species, over the years more and more products have been manufactured. As a result giving the end user a much wider variety of flooring in terms of:

  • The finish of the plank
  • The shades available
  • The width
  • The thickness
  • Fitting method
  • Many other unique specifications

In fact solid Oak Flooring Essex is one of the most popular types of solid wood flooring around.

Running maintenance of our finish system is far less disruptive and costly. Compared to resanding and re-finishing over a floor lifespan and obviously doesn’t reduce the possible longevity of the floor. In comparison to sanding, which can only usually be conducted 2 – 3 times before a floor needs to be replaced.

We know maintenance is a scary word but you need not be frightened as under normal living conditions most residential spaces would need treatment between every 4 – 10 years and an entrance hallway or high traffic area may be more like 2 – 7 years to stay looking great.

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