wood floor restoration specialists in essex

wood floor restoration specialists in essex

Wood floor restoration specialists in essex. Our restoration services can add years to the lives of your wooden floors.  This can save you thousands in installation costs, and any associated disruption.  Our services are very quick and simple, achieving maximum effect in a short space of time.  We also offer a full scale renovation service, completely bespoke to your needs.


We offer most types of restoration services, including floor sanding, oiling, buffing and polishing.  We can also repair most types of damage, and offer full sealing and varnishing services.  Whichever option you go far, we guarantee a beautiful finish at the lowest possible cost.  Restoring wooden floors is something we are very passionate about, and we have decades of experience in providing this service.

The final surface would then be checked over to make sure no scratches are left before application of the chosen finish.Restoration is the complete overhaul for floors that are damaged (as opposed to a surface renovation). Damage occurs through wearing, improperly fitted boards or simply boards that have excessively aged with time.

Our speciality is the restoration of your wooden floors to their original beauty. We also supply and fit engineered, reclaimed and laminate flooring.

We offer the highest quality professional, and friendly, wood flooring service in  Essex and the surrounding areas.


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