Designer Wood Floors

High quality designer wood floors are not only beautiful but also easy to clean and maintain. They add value to your property instantly and that’s why designer floors are considered a worthwhile investment. We have a variety of designer floors at William Beard Flooring Ltd. These floors will give your commercial or residential space an elegant look and add warmth and character to a room that appeared dull and boring.

Today, designers are creating high quality finishes and construction techniques which are out of this world. No wonder you will come across wooden flooring that looks stunning for decades without losing its shine and appeal. Advancements in wooden flooring have also made the installation process simpler and more cost effective. That’s why we stock designer wood floors for all budgets.

You can select wood types like red oak if you are looking for a rustic and natural feel. Maple is also an ideal option in homes with a contemporary theme. Designer flooring can fill your home with elegance and give it a unique character that is timeless.

We understand how choosing designer wood floors can be a tough decision especially to first time buyers. The experts at William Beard Flooring Ltd will help you to find designer flooring that is most suitable for your home. We will help you choose flooring based on the traffic experienced in that room, your budget, style, personal preference and other factors which affect the type of wood such as exposure to moisture.

No matter what the theme or style your home is, you are sure to find the colour and style of designer wood floors to suit your needs from the William Beard Flooring Ltd range. We have a huge selection of designer floors, so give us a call and make a selection today.

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  1. carrie ann fahey says:

    Was wondering how much the pink flooring is sqm also the a price on the white sqm thanks

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