The key to a first class installation is the preparation of the sub-floor.  in our experience the majority of floors that we have been called upon to repair or replace as a result of another contractors installation failure, are as a result of sub-standard sub-floor preparation.

We take every care necessary and use the correct primers, damp proof membranes and levelling compounds that the situation requires to ensure our installations do not fail. This in conjunction with the very best adhesives and our super stable boards, coupled with the fact that we never cut corners and adhere to strict guidelines when installing wooden floors we are able to offer a 20 year residential and 10 year guarantee on all installations of our products.

Our guarantee covers the manufacture and structural integrity of the floor board. When we install It also covers the installation of the floorboards and adhesion to the substrate.

For supply only projects we can offer the same 20 year residential and 10 year commercial structural guarantee on the board subject to our specified products and methods being adopted for the install.

Our guarantee does not cover damage caused to the floor by external forces, be that people, animals or water etc..

Our guarantee does not cover wear to the finish. Approximately 12 months after the floor is installed we will conduct a maintenance inspection free of charge. From here we will provide a recommended maintenance schedule. Running maintenance of our finish system is far less disruptive and costly than  resanding and re-finishing over a floor lifespan and obviously doesn’t reduce the possible longevity of the floor, compared to sanding which can only usually be conducted 2 – 3 times before a floor needs to be replaced.

We know maintenance is a scary word but you need not be frightened as under normal living conditions most residential spaces would need treatment between every 4 – 10 years and an entrance hallway or high traffic area may be more like 2 – 7 years to stay looking great.

Please be aware that in a domestic setting just basic care and cleaning are enough to keep your floor looking fantastic for many years.

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