how much does restoration of engineered oak flooring cost

 engineered oak flooring cost

how much does restoration of engineered oak flooring cost, Engineered oak flooring is a passion of ours here at William Beard Flooring.

There is a huge difference between whizzing a sander over a floor and applying whatever finish you lay your hands on from the local DIY store to carefully conducting a thorough refurbishment of a floor. Sanding to a fine finish before selecting and applying the right product to suit.Utilising the right methods to repair and fill gaps along the way to restore your oak floor.

We can conduct the most sympathetic repairs to damaged or rotten sections of floors using genuine reclaimed materials from a similar period and have even moved whole parquet floors from one part of the house to another on a previous project where the client was remodelling but was desperate to retain the beautiful original oak parquet.

With the benefit of our modern and efficient machinery we are able to produce the best results. We also stock a wide range of carefully selected reclaimed materials such as oak, luxe, parquet and many more. We provide our floor restoration services to a wide variety of different properties and our customers include the  homeowner, architects, insurance companies, loss adjusters etc.

We hope you find our site informative and easy to navigate, with this in mind we have designed each page with the same easy to understand format-showing example of our work, potential results before and after as well as information about your floor type.

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