LUXE Wood Floors

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The LUXE Wood Floors Range

Luxe wood floors are a stunning selection of embellished oak floors using real metal and vibrant compounds to create a statement floor like no other!

This range is known as the LUXE wood floors collection.

Luxe Wood Floors Range

Our Luxe Wood floors range is the ultimate embellishment to the natural wood grain. Utilising amazing compounds and actual metals we produce our most vivid and striking selection of engineered oak flooring.

Introducing our Luxe wood floors by name we have: Luxe Ikon, Luxe Titanium, Luxe Platinum, Luxe Pearl, Luxe Bullion, Luxe Neon, Luke Poker and Luxe Gun.

These effects can be produced in almost any colour combination and we like contrasting colours as much as we like pairing a metallic element to a very similar base stained wood so the grain grabs your eye when the light catches it.

This effect can be used over whole floors or also works well when random planks are picked out with this fabulous detailing.

The LUXE wooden flooring range is just one of six we are very proud to offer – to view the rest of our collection please visit the range.

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