Luxury Wood Floors at Home

When it’s time to invest in flooring, consider luxury wood floors. There’s no point of buying the cheapest wood in the market and then spending all the money you thought you had saved on costly repairs and maintenance work. Before you settle for any product, always buy a few samples and test them first. It’s better to do this than making a decision based on what you see on a catalogue or site. We provide samples for your perusal and give the most sound advice based on your budget and vision.

Luxury wood floors are usually designed to blend perfectly with the theme of your home. You can get engineered wood flooring that has the ideal colour and finish to match with your home. You can either buy the prefinished product or hire someone to apply the finish in your home. You can buy prefinished wood which can be cost effective because they are warranted by the manufacturer and also save you on the cost of installation.

We have the best luxury wood floors at William Beard Flooring Ltd. We can help you determine how much flooring you need in order to avoid any wastage. If you are considering a complete renovation of your home then you will have to get the proper measurements of each room. It is always advisable to buy 10 percent extra because mistakes can occur during the installation process.

After investing in your luxury wood floors, you will have to keep them looking amazing for the longest time possible. Avoid cleaning your wooden floors with an overly wet mop. Simply sweep or brush with a soft broom when cleaning. Make sure you place felt pad under heavy furniture so that they don’t scratch the wood. If you are heating the room, increase the temperature gradually so that the wood can adjust within a week.

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