Quality Wood Floors

Choosing quality wood floors

Quality wood floors can last for more than a century and still maintain their beauty. People prefer wood because it’s warm and soft underfoot and has a special natural feel that you wouldn’t find in any other flooring material. Because your wood floor will be a huge investment, make sure you choose carefully.

At William Beard Flooring Ltd, there are lots of flooring materials to choose from. You can select the more traditional solid wood stripes or engineered wood products which are suitable for modern spaces. Laminates are also an ideal option if you are on a budget even though they are not considered real wood.

Different types of wood have their own pros and cons and sometimes a few similarities. You will have to consider your budget as well as where you want the wood installed in order to make a smart decision. For instance, wood flooring installed in the living room is quite different from what is used in areas like the kitchen.

If you would like to consider additional features like under floor heating, you will have to invest in very high quality wood floors. Poor quality wood flooring can compromise the structural integrity of your home if you apply under floor heating systems beneath it. Since wood rots when exposed to moisture, the environmental hygiene of your home will also be compromised.

You must entrust the right professionals if you intend to invest a significant amount on wooden flooring. Quality wood floors don’t come cheap but they are certainly worthwhile. We can help you choose a specific type of flooring and finish that blends with the rest of your home. If you want to create a special natural feel or you simply prefer wood for its warmth and elegant look, we will help you narrow down your options and go with the best.

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    I am interested in talking about installing a wooden floor in my 75sqm lower ground West kensington flat. Please could you call me to discuss? 0777 237 1338

    I am particularly interested in:

    Luxe Gun
    Avante Garde Mortar
    Avant Garde Chalk

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