staircase restoration services essex

staircase restoration services essex

Looking for staircase restoration services essex, then William Beard are they guys for you.There are few things that more add character to a period home than an original staircase and it should therefore come as no surprise that many period home owners go out their way to accommodate even the most archaic of models.

If you’re thinking of replacing an old staircase because it’s rather steep and a bit difficult to negotiate, consider that decent handrails and good lighting will usually make the world of difference.

Old staircases have usually seen years of wear and tear and tend to show their age. But really serious (unfixable) problems are pretty rare, and the issues you will face are often not of a structural nature. Most restoration work can be carried out on the top face.

However, a lot of the time you’ll see restoring the staircase as a big job and it’s understandable that replacement can look like a more attractive option. Before you get to this stage, keep in mind that many old staircases do not conform to building standards and a much greater effort will be involved in replacing them than you may anticipate.

Period staircases tend to be made using fairly simple joinery construction and they are easily repairable if you’re willing to have a little patience and use a bit of ingenuity – and skill. The biggest obstacle is always getting access to behind the stairs if the underside forms the sloping ceiling of a lower flight, but this isn’t an issue in every case.

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